Objectives of Al-Forqan EducationalComplex

( Primary - Preparatory - Secondary )

1. Preparing the learners to face the difficult challenges, successive changes and the ability to lead.

2. Developping the individual in a comprehensive way including the Islamic, scientific, emotional, technical and behavioral aspects, developing a culture of discussion and listening to opinions of others.

3. Achieving independent national goals and developping the ability to deal with variables to maintain the constants of the school, the society and the state and their values.

 4. Integrating people with special needs and rehabilitating them to serve their community and their nation.

 5. Implanting the original values ​​derived from our Islamic Creed and instilling them in the minds of learners such as honesty, truth and cooperation.

6. Developping research and scientific research and providing students with the keys to knowledge and the ability to self-learning and continuous learning.

7. Developping educational systems using a scientific method suitable to achieve the vision of Qatar 2030. 

8. Graduation of creative students with different talents (mathematically, culturally and technically) and developing them.