Praise be to Allah and peace be upon our Prophet, his family and companions, and whoever follows his guidance until the Doomsday.


     We are pleased to offer you - our partners in success - the website of our school, which is a step towards promoting the use of modern technology in the process of education and communication between the parties of the educational process according to our vision and mission to communicate with parents and the outside community as a means of development and constructive participation.


      Now dear parents, through the site: you can follow up the children and learn about the quarterly results and extracurricular activities at school, duties, all events, competitions and everything that is important to the educational process as a whole in order to be with us step by step and to receive your constructive and creative observations and ideas to be as a flame for us in the process of construction, development and improvement. Finally, we promise to provide all that is new for the benefit of our students and let our start to be in the name of Allah.



School Administrator     

Mr. Mahmoud Morsi