Our mission

Our mission 
1-Implanting believing in Allah and His messengers, grounding the islamic values and be proud of that.
2- Building a psychologically, intellectually,physically and socially balanced character.
3- providing safe and secure educational environment.
4- Implementing modern educational and teaching strategies.
5- Developing the Academic and administrative institute according to the national and professional standards.
6- Up-grading the academic level of the students by introducing effective learning and teaching.
7- Consolidating self- learning skills to attain an  on-going learning skills.
8- preparing a generation of creative thinkers who bears seriously his responsibility.
9- Paying attention to the technology as a tool used by students to have self-confidence, ability to continue their education and to keep up with technical evolution. 
10- Upbringing learners on the values and practices of work, production, perfection and handcrafts appreciation. 
11- Developing a sense of respect and conserve the customs and values that promote loyalty to homeland.
12- Effecting social partnership according to the vision of 2030.
13- Providing students with educational and learning activities inside and outside the classroom.
14- Sponsoring talented students, deepening the sense of creativity and innovation and training in scientific research methods.
15- Looking after the students of special needs.